SMR Automotive Systems

SMR is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mirrors, blind-spot detection systems and a wide range of other automotive components for passenger cars. With data centers in Germany and regional centers in 14 countries, SMR Automotive needs quick access to system monitoring data. 

SMR chose Savision’s Live Maps to:

  • Monitor global IT Operations
  • Reduce time to resolution
  • Be more proactive

Now, we are Proactive

Before Savision, SMR had deployed system center operations Manager (SCOM) for its global monitoring needs. Although it was a good start, and was very helpful, the size and complexity of SMR’s IT operations caused SCOM to generate more alerts than they could efficiently analyze. It was taking too much time to find the most critical alerts. They needed a way to prioritize them.

“We wanted to simplify SCOM for our technical staff across the company to create faster resolutions. With Savision Live Maps and SCOM, we have visualizations that help L1 technical support engineers to identify the root cause quickly. This is a significant improvement for a complex IT infrastructure landscape.”

Global CIO

Reduced Level-3 Escalations by 80%

SMR reached its first-level objectives with Savision Live Maps in just a few weeks. “The results have been great. We can see that we’ve reduced level-3 escalations by 80%. We’ve deployed those resources to more strategic projects.”

Proactive Response, Higher Staff Productivity

Savision’s solution enables the SMR automotive technical team to identify issues and resolve them quickly and proactively, most often at the earliest point of contact with users. The resulting efficiency has lowered costs and improved productivity across the technical team.

Solves the problems FASTER and CHEAPER

SMR rolled out Savision Live Maps to its regional teams with webinars and online demos, all technical staff can visualize the network to see what is relevant to their sites.

Now, we identify problems before they become critical, and we are able to address issues faster. The majority of issues are resolved at support level 1. “Our level-1 employees are now 80% as effective as a level-3 resource.”