Live Maps allows you to monitor vital services such as electronic patient records, picture archiving, medical equipment and communication systems

Healthcare is at the forefront of many new technologies. For instance the Internet Of Things is allowing patients to test themselves from home without the need to visit a doctor or hospital. All of this innovation is leading to an overload of data to absorb and manage by the IT Operations team, who need assistance in monitoring and understanding of the wealth of information contained in this data.

  • Critical IT services require full redundancy to ensure minimum downtime
  • Centralized on-premise virtualized datacenters
  • Monitored software and hardware
  • High number of IT Alerts to manage

Savision has customers utilizing Live Maps services dashboard which displays the health of critical applications, as well as their performance against service level agreements. Healthcare organizations, whether privately or publicly funded are always very cost-conscious of new purchases which are kept within strict IT budgets. The popularity of Live Maps products in this sector proves that the ROI delivered to our customers is highly visible within the organization by driving down IT management overheads and ensuring uptime targets are met.

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CIO dashboard
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Live Maps brings Service-oriented monitoring for every Microsoft server and Cloud environment, allowing executives and senior management to see the operational status of the hospital, clinic, or health care organizations from within the monitoring platform they’re already using. Live Maps’ services overview dashboard displays the health of critical applications like Electronic Patient Records, Picture Archiving, and Communication Systems, as well as their performance against service level agreements. IT and Application Administrators can drill down from the dashboard to quickly discover the root cause of availability or performance issues.

With Live Maps, IT staff members can have constant visibility over critical business services and their areas of infrastructure responsibility. When problems occur, they know about it instantly and begin addressing the problem in mere minutes, saving many hours of troubleshooting.

“Live Maps provides an awesome touch point of common understanding between the IT department and non-IT Executives.”

Senior IT Manager, IDEXX Laboratories


Use Live Maps to model and monitor the availability and performance of transactions within your health care organization such as updating patient records, communicating images and data with specialists and laboratories, and scheduling appointments and tests. Understand the IT components that underpin each system and quickly see why and where an application is failing. Quickly determine business impact, prioritize resolution, and remain compliant with your SLAs by taking a service-oriented approach to monitoring.


Live Maps allows healthcare institutions such as hospitals and research institutions with large campuses to see the health of each piece of monitored equipment overlaid on top of actual floor plans. When technicians need to swap out equipment or inspect the physical status of devices, they know exactly where they need to go, saving them valuable time.